About us

Formed in 1976, Brooke Holdings Ltd began operating as a food importation and distribution company in 1975, when Trevor Walsh joined the business as a shareholder and director. At this point, Brooke Holdings commenced importing dried tree and vine fruits from the South African Dried Fruit Cooperative and wheat starch and gluten from the Australian company George Weston Foods. Growing on this business, Brooke Holdings set about expanding its product range in order to provide its clients with a comprehensive ingredients selection. As a consequence of expanding its product range Brooke Holdings also grew its supplier base and this, in turn, led to the accessing of more products, including items ready packed for retail sale.

During this period of expansion, Brooke Holdings developed warehousing in major New Zealand centers, opened an office in Christchurch, and warehousing and office facilities in Australia.

Brooke Holdings' fundamental philosophy is to provide its clients with a comprehensive, high quality, a product range that represents good value. We firmly believe in long-term relationships both with clients and with suppliers, that by learning about the businesses that we are interacting with, we can better serve them. We believe that long-term relationships foster consistently better business.

Our long-term relationships with suppliers and clients alike ensure that we are kept abreast of developments and that we can maintain our competitive edge.

We strongly believe that our long-term market objectives of providing consistently high-quality food products representing the best value available and backed by a well experienced and highly qualified sales team ensure that our clients will enjoy the significant benefits resulting from our dedication to the New Zealand and Australian markets.